Adrian Lee CEO Resource Financial Group

I really appreciated your work in setting up our new systems. You were happy to put in some extra leg work purely to help us cut costs on this job, and were happy to deal with building management directly to assist them in setting up their required background switch work correctly.

Arnold Watkins from Source Support Services

I have been working with Brendan and his team at King Computer Solutions since January 2010. They have provided hands on support and fast delivery of mission-critical parts across for our major Australian clients like Telstra in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Fiona – RPC Group

We would also like to take this opportunity on complimenting on Andrew’s great efforts in getting us up and running so efficiently with a minimum of fuss.  It has been a pleasure having Andrew in the office.

Richard Bini, Aegon Direct Marketing Systems

We have been working with KING for many years now, and I have personally been working with them for a couple of years. We receive excellent response times with many issues being resolved within minutes of our call.

Chris on new SQL server install

The new SQL server has definitely increased productivity. The database team (and users) are more than pleased with the increased performance. An example of the increased performance: a query that used to take 4 hours to complete now finishes in minutes.