Acronis true image and King advice saves the day

King provides remote assistance and advice to Metropol, a client in Brisbane who handles much of their there own IT in house. Metropol have been having a problem with the server they purchased locally some years ago crashing and running slow.

Checking the event logs we noticed that there were disk errors as well as overheating reported.

As a precaution we used Acronis true image to create a backup of the operating system and Data drives. Adding a new hard drive would assist the performance and stability of the system.

When the client went to put in the new disk, unfortunately he disconnected one of the Mirror drives. After trying to boot the server it failed. Reconnecting the Raid drive still failed to boot. Trying to put the disk in a second system showed there was no data. All the data and operating system was lost!

Sometimes trying to save money by doing things yourself and not using professional engineers from King can cost more than the money saved!

Fortunately our client did get our advice first and we did the imaging before he worked on the server. With the Acronis image were able to boot up, recover the operating system and now the system is back up and running. In only hours we were able to recover the system – saving Metropol 3 to 5 days of server rebuild time and possibly the loss of thousands of dollars worth of data!

When you count the lost time of staff and profits, this server crash could have caused well over $20,000 of damage.

Often businesses do not realise the value of their data and computer systems until something goes wrong. Some business owners would spend $50,000 on a car they use for an hour a day but would not spend one tenth that amount on backup and disaster recovery for their server on which they have 20 people working eight hours a day for a total of 800 hours a week. The loss of a weeks worth of work and data in this scenerio can easily exceed $30,000. Some business do not recover if they have inadequate backups in place.

Even a single computer workstating being down, and the cost of having it reloaded from scatch can be hundreds or thousands of dollars –  think of all the hours of loading and configuring software and settings!

A few months ago another client, Craig, had a problem where the the hard drive in his laptop stopped operating shortly before going overseas on business. Of course he required the laptop, information and programs on it to do his job.  Without a disaster recovery image of the system it had to have urgent hardware level data recovery performed which cost in excess of $2000.

We have seen hard drive crashes often. They are mechanical components spinning at 7200 rpm (600 time per second) often running 24 hours a day for years. They will wear out, and they will break down.

If you would like expert advice on implementing an effective and tested disaster recovery solution for your business which will save you the cost and damage of lost data and time call 1300546474.