Brendan King
Brendan is the CEO of King Computer Solutions, Tilda Communications and Silverdata IT. He has 4 children and lives in Forestville and has been involved in the IT industry for over 18 years.

Delete all windows credentials from credential manager

If you have built up a list of Windows credentials that you want to clear all at once, instead of having to remove them one by one try this command: cmdkey /list | ForEach-Object {if ($_ -like “Target:“) {cmdkey /del:($_ -replace ‘^.+=’, ”)}}

Configure 3CX softphone to pickup shared parked calls

One limitation of the 3CX softphone is it has no BLF for Shared park, and you cannot dial SP1, SP2 etc. to pickup shared park calls. In order to create a shared park extension that the iphone or android client can dial to pickup shared park calls do the following: Add an extension, ideally one.

How to Enable cloudflare SSL and fix broken wordpress site

To enable Cloudflare to provide a front end SSL certificate for your WordPress website, under the DNS table make sure the Proxy status is enabled for the website address  When you go to https://mysitename you will find the WordPress website is broken and not displaying correctly Install Cloudflare Flexible SSL WordPress Plugin to fix.

Configure Linkys Velops as wired access points in bridged mode

Connect the first access point direct to your computer network cable Login to through your browser Click the hyperlink Continue to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Access Velop password: admin and Login On the very bottom right of the footer click on CA Connectivity menu Expand Details. Check for updates. If there are any available go.

Protecting your company from cyber attacks

Some proactive measures you can take to protect yourself from cyber attack include: Review the Essential Eight here to work towards improving your cyber security profile. Create a separate email address for different categories of online activity such as banking, investments, government agencies, shopping, discussion groups, newsletters etc. If you need to, you can then.