Ben from Forensic Digital Services on rack move from Canberra

The FDS Group comprise of Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd, Forensic Digital Service Pty Ltd and Fingerprint Detection Services Pty Ltd.

Forensic Digital Services provides independent computer forensics services as well as data conversion, data recovery, eDiscovery and training in the area of information technology. Forensic Document Services provide independent handwriting and document examination services. Both Forensic Digital and Forensic Document Service provide these services to government departments, financial institutions, insurance companies, legal firms and individuals throughout Australia. They have offices in Canberra and Sydney required a valuable and important rack of equipment to be moved between the offices on specific days with a minimum of downtime.

Here’s what Ben had to say about the move:

Hi Brendan,

Thanks for organise to move of our server rack. I was impressed how well everything was packed and moved with everything tagged and bubble wrapped and all put back together without a scratch! Everything was up and running within the time constraints stipulated during the booking process, we really appreciate you coming out personally to make sure the task was correctly complete.

Thanks again


Forensic Digital Services