How to configure Busy Lamp Field BLF on Linksys SPA942 with asterisk to show other line status

If you are using a Linksys SPA942 and would like to enable viewing of other users status, or be able to press a button to call that extension here is how to configure

Make sure you have the latest phone firmware 6.1.5(a). Connect to the web interface on the SPA942 and under the info tab check the software version


You can download it from Cisco here:

Go to the admin login and advanced on the top right


Go to the phone menu


Under Line Key 2,3,4 set the Extension to Disabled, Share call appearance to shared, Short name to the name of the extension, and the Extension function to:


Replace EXT# with the Extension number of the phone you would like to monitor, ASTERISKIP with the IP of the Asterisk server that both phones are connected to and SHORTNAMEHERE with the shortname entered above.


Set the line key extended function to the Server Type Asterisk and the SPA932 call pickup code to *8


Submit and save the settings and your phone will now show the other extensions. you can press the extension button to call that extension directly.


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