Office 365 Outlook autodiscover returns an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available running cpanel website

Even if you add the autodiscover.domainname.com CNAME autodiscover.outlook.com entry to your dns, when you go to add your office 365 mailbox to outlook, it takes a long time to respond and finally returns An encrypted connection to your mail server IS not available. Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection. When Outlook tries to.

Mac users receive winmail.dat attachments

What are winmail.dat attachments? Users may receive this file as an attachment instead of the regularly attached file under these circumstances: The sender is using Outlook for Windows The sender has a contact record for the recipient enabled to use Rich Text or his default settings are set to use Rich Text The recipient is.

How to export Office 365 mailbox to PST

This will only work with Exchange E2 plans or higher Log into your O365 as Admin using Internet Explorer Click on “Exchange”, then “Compliance Management” Click on “in-place eDiscovery & hold” Click the + sign for a new search Type a unique name for the search and description Select “Specify mailboxes to search” and click the +.

Cannot delete message from Outlook

Method 1 Clear the Deleted Items folder and try to delete the message again. Method 2 Edit the message; 1. Open the message by double clicking on it 2. Choose Edit-> Edit message 3. Type or remove some characters (I usually type 3 spaces) 4. Save and close the message 5. Try to delete the.