How to install Exchange 2010 and SP2 on Windows 2008 R2 server

System Requirements First, you need to make sure that your Active Directory (AD) environment and your Exchange server meet the minimum requirements: AD forest functional level is Windows Server 2003 (or higher) AD Schema Master is running Windows Server 2003 w/SP1 or later Full installation of Windows Server 2008 w/SP2 or later OR Windows Server.

Exchange 2007 adding IP Block List Providers

Run the exchange management shell and execute the following commands: Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name -LookupDomain -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “{1} has blocked your IP address ({0}) using the list ‘{2}’. Please see{0} for further information. This organization has no control over this RBL (Realtime Block List).” Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name -LookupDomain -Enabled $True -RejectionResponse “{1}.

Fixing Invalid Mail Server Hostname

When running DNSReport on a domain you might come across the below warning. To fix this login to the mail server running Exchange, expand Administrative Group – Servers – (server name) – Protocols – SMTP – Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties – Advanced Replace the Fully-qualified domain name with the correct entry.

How to Enable circular logging on Exchange 2007 and 2010

The exchange logs can to take up a fair amount of space. In order to minimise the log sizes you can enable circular logging. there are warnings here about why you shouldn’t related to incremental backups not working etc. If you want to enable circular logging any way Open exchange management console Organisation configuration.