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16 August 2017

Join me to help achieve the Newtownian dream! Help Newtown community centre provide assistance for homeless people

On Tuesday 29th August Brendan King is sleeping in Newtown Square under the stars to help bring about social change for people at risk of homelessness and shine a spotlight on the need for affordable housing. Please support his efforts by making a secure online donation and by posting a message of support at […]

27 May 2014

Scot Dench ordering scam

In the last couple of days we received a request for a quote and order of 80 HP ink cartridges shown at the bottom of this email. We requested a contact phone number and address for the quote. A phone number of 0881256701 and address 45 Eric Fenning Drive, Surf Beach NSW 2536 was provided […]

23 May 2012

Resize shadow protect image to fit on a smaller destination drive

In the Recovery Environment: 1. Boot the latest Recovery CD into the Recovery Environment as of the 4.1.x either environment will work. 2. Mount the image you wish to restore as writable. (This is also called Exploring the Backupi) You will find the Explore Backup option in the left hand menu under Tasks. To mount […]

4 August 2011

Set date and time in batch file

You can use this in batch files for tagging the data and time SET date=%DATE% SET day=%date:~0,3% ECHO %day%

4 August 2011

Execute a command on a file or set of files

forfiles – a resource kit tool that iterates files in a folder, can do it on date, and let you then run a command You can get it here: This command should (I haven’t tested it myself) delete all files older than 30 days, under c:\temp and recurse into subdirectories. forfiles /p “C:\temp” […]

26 July 2011

Stop teamviewer port 80 443 conflict

By default teamviewer uses port 80 and 443 for outbound communications. This is a problem if you are running a webserver. In order to stop teamviewer using these ports, open options, Advanced and under Advanced network settings check on Don’t use incoming port 80 and 443 (recommended for web servers only)  

20 July 2011

Excel 2003 files slow to open on network

Open Control panel Programs and features View installed updates Under Microsoft Office Standard edition2003 Find Update for Excel (KB2502786) highlight it and uninstall Do the same for KB2541025 You may need to reboot the system

16 February 2011

Stop white and yellow pages book delivery

If you do not use the myriad of printed telephone books delivered to your house each year, there is now a way to stop receiving them. Consumers can opt out of receiving a phone book by visiting or by calling 1800 008 292

6 December 2010

Default administrator password for Konica Minolta bizhub C253 web interface

After searching websites and manuals and finally calling Konica support I found the password was 12345678 Manuals can be downloaded from

19 November 2010

Dragon naturally speaking COMM add in not working in Microsoft Word 2007

If you are having this issue it is likely the dgrnwork.dll add-in has become disabled. To enable it do the following: In the word menu go to Word options Under the add-in menus on the left look for the NatSpeak Word add-in Initially when I did this it was under the disabled application add-ins Next […]