Mac OSX Internet recovery with Windows Keyboard

When Mac is not booting due to a corruption in the operating system and you use a Mac wireless keyboard you may find the Command + Alt + R does not work to get it into OSX internet recovery mode. If you only have a Windows USB cabled keyboard to connect, restart the Mac from.

Search network shares on OSX lion

After reading through many articles it seems that there is no built in way for osx lion to search network drives. We have found a free app called Easyfind that allows you to search any location on your mac as well as inside archives, files and folders. You can download it from their website

Malware and Anti-Virus Threats for 2012

We’re always looking to stay ahead of the threats. Here are 10 trends we think will be the main factors affecting the IT security landscape in 2012. 1. Social media and the web We expect cybercriminals to continue their effective mass generation of malware, increasing the number of attacks using new social media platforms and.

Apple iTunes Match now available in Australia

Apple have just released iTunes match to the Australian store. Install the latest version of iTunes and it will appear on the menu at the left under STORE. From there you can subscribe. As is typical for Australian users, we pay more being $34.99 instead of the banana republic US $24.99. But hey, if you.

Steve Jobs confirmed dead

You may have nicked or bought the ideas of other people, but you are a great CEO and marketer that brought us the iPhone and iPad. RIP