MYOB accountright fatal error 1603 during install

If you are running on a remote desktop terminal server during install of MYOB Accountright 2019 or other versions the installer stays indefinetly on a message Please wait while the application is preparing for first use After Cancel Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation appears To resolve this issue Disable RDS Compatibility on the App.

Synchronising MYOB cards with Outlook

Close Outlook When opening MYOB right click and Run as administrator In MYOB open cards list and choose Actions button on the bottom left Choose Synchronise Cards from the menu Select which cards you would like to Synchronise and press Synchronise Cards on the bottom right Export There should be a security prompt from Outlook..

MYOB AE Tax error Client application S6 server MSSQL AETAX1 TAX TA not found after dotnet 3.5 update

If client workstations are losing access to the MYOB AE Accounts database with the error Client/Application (S6:\\SERVER\MSSQL\AETAX1\TAX\TA) not found as shown below The System Release DAL may be getting shut down by dotnet update To resolve this issue you need to Run Exec sp_changedbowner ‘sa’ on the AETax database Run AETaxconfigupdate.exe For SQLExpress 2005 1.-

MYOB unable to open file this file has been upgraded

If you have upgraded myob and attempt to open the upgraded MYOB file directly from windows explorer you may receive the message Unable to open file This file has been upgraded for use with a newer MYOB product Click OK to select a different file –