Configure Linkys Velops as wired access points in bridged mode

Connect the first access point direct to your computer network cable Login to through your browser Click the hyperlink Continue to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Access Velop password: admin and Login On the very bottom right of the footer click on CA Connectivity menu Expand Details. Check for updates. If there are any available go.

Configure Angeleyes 1.25″ wifi astronomy CMOS camera

If you have purchased one of these 1.25″ CMOS cameras and have a hard time deciphering the Chinese manual for how to connect and use it, here are the instructions I had to work out in English. If using from an iPhone or Android, install the XMEye app from the app store. Connect power to.

Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G

If you need to extend the coverage of your wireless network without cabling between access points you can implement a Wireless Distribution Systems (WDS) They can be tricky to get working without knowing some specific information. This information is not absolute for every kind of router configuration but it works: Both Routers must support WDS..

Cyber criminals botnet blackmail identity theft wardriving 4 corners video

I was watching4 corners last night and thought it worth putting a link on the blog for others to watch the documentary http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20090817/cyber/ This documentary covered various methods of cyber criminals Blackmailing through using botnets to take websites offline Identity theft through phishing emails Purchasing credit card details stolen from sites or through fake (or.