Windows 2003

IE Automatically detect settings not working due to WPAD alias DNS entry not responding

If you follow this article to configure automatically detect settings in Internet explorer and have set up a WPAD alias on your DNS server, you may find the autodiscovery is not working. If you try to ping wpad or wpad.domainname.local you get a response Ping request could not find host wpad. Please check the.

Tuneup registry cleaner delete fonts making everything garbled

Running a registry clean using tune-up on a Windows 2008 server detected Missing fonts. Selecting to clean up the missing entries caused all the fonts to display as wingdings or other characters, making the system unuseable. We had a similar issue with a different registry cleaner on a Windows 2003 server recently also. I re-enstated.

Install WordPress on Windows IIS server Part 1

Here are the start to finish instructions for setting up your wordpress blog site on a Windows IIS server. This was done on a windows 2003 server. In this instance I am setting up wordpress to use as an intranet site. Part 1 covers install of: MySQL FastCGI Extension PHP   Install MySQL Download MySQL-