Windows 2008

Script to Shut down and backup vmware virtual machines in Windows

This script shuts down the vmware virtual machines called SBS and TS Stops Windows services copies them from C:\virtualmachines to D:\virtualmachines restarts the services restarts the vmware machines @rem ———- Stop the Terminal Server ———- call “vmrun.exe” -T server -h https://localhost:8333/sdk -u administrator -p AdminPassword stop “[VMs] TS/TS.vmx” soft @rem ———- Stop the SBS Server.

Terminal server Remote Desktop Pros and cons

Running a terminal server significantly lowers the overall upfront and on-going Management costs. We have been implementing terminal servers for clients for over a decade and many are still using the original thin clients we installed back then, though with upgraded servers! The way Remote Desktop sessions were used by sending changes in graphics. All.