Renaming WordPress admin user

Knowing how to do this is a critical part of securing your site against the newest brute force hacks The rapid growth and adoption of WordPress as a publishing platform means that there are many newcomers to our community So while this may be obvious to the many advanced users and developers on this list,.

Increased brute force attacks on wordpress websites

You may have seen the news reports during the last 72+ hours about a “massive” “global” “distributed” brute force attack on WordPress systems. Brute force attacks are ongoing, and this is simply an increase in frequency. To protect yourself, make sure all default accounts like “admin” have been deleted or renamed and that your passwords.

PHP 5.3.17 and 5.4.7 released

Overnight new versions of php were released fixing over 20 bugs as below: 5.3.17 Core Fixed bug (segfault while build with zts and GOTO vm-kind) Fixed bug #62955 (Only one directive is loaded from “Per Directory Values” Windows registry) Fixed bug #62763 (register_shutdown_function and extending class) Fixed bug #62744 (dangling pointers made by zend_disable_class) Fixed.