Configure Angeleyes 1.25″ wifi astronomy CMOS camera english instructions manual

Configure Angeleyes 1.25″ wifi astronomy CMOS camera english instructions manual

If you have purchased one of these 1.25″ CMOS cameras and have a hard time deciphering the Chinese manual for how to connect and use it, here are the instructions I had to work out in English.

  • If using from an iPhone or Android, install the XMEye app from the app store.

  • Connect power to the camera, I use a USB battery brick for running the camera. Search ebay for DUAL USB SOLAR POWER BANK  PORTABLE EXTERNAL BATTERY and you will find them for under $40
  • If the blue Indicator light is flashing or off, hold the Reset Switch for 5+ seconds and release
  • It should then turn solid.
  • From your phone or computer look for the new wifi network that should appear in a few seconds, in my case it was call xmjp_beye_6600

  • Join the wifi network with the password 1234567890
  • You will get an IP 192.168.10.x
  • The cameras IPS is
  • From the XMEye app choose direct login on the bottom right

  • You should see the camera in the DeviceList. Click on it and them CAM01

  • Move the camera around towards a light source and you will see the view in the Live video screen.

  • You can now press on the Camera or Video buttons to record to your phones photo album
  • If wanting to view the camera from a windows PC, you will need to install IP Camera viewer software that can talk to the camera on
  • The web interface login is username: admin password: blank
  • I tried using the IP Camview app but have not yet found a camera make and model selection that works in previewing the display. I suspect the cmos camera type is 50H10PE, image sensor is a tiny type-1/4″ 1280×720 (720P) OV9712 at 3um pitch, and its camera controller SoC is HiSilicon’s Hi3518E. Some more info http://ve6sbs.sbszoo…3H13PE_mods.htmIf you can find the right make and model of camera to use to make it work, let me know and I’ll update the post with the instructions.