Configure cyberoam with active directory and terminal server

Installing the authentication client on the Active directory controller

Go to the cyberoam download page

On your active directory controller download and install the CTASuite

Follow the procedure here for implementing single sign on on the Active directory server.

Auto install of cyberoam client on workstations

To automatically install the client on workstations connecting on the domain a start script that runs on login is required. You will need this download to install the client.

Run ElitecoreAdmin.exe to create Admin.ini

Put the required files in the NETLOGON folder.

In the startup script run insert the following 2 lines to execute the install on login. Replace adserver with the name of your active directory server.

\\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\ElitecoreRun.exe -p \\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\Admin.ini -c “\\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\SSCyberoamSetup.exe”

\\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\ElitecoreRun.exe -p \\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\Admin.ini -c “\\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\SSCyberoamConfigSetup.exe 0 \\adserver\netlogon\cyberoam\SSCyberoamConfig.ini”

Installing on the terminal server

Note that currently you can only monitor a single terminal server on a network. Cyberoam has –