Configure Linkys Velops as wired access points in bridged mode

  • Connect the first access point direct to your computer network cable
  • Login to through your browser
  • Click the hyperlink Continue to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi
  • Access Velop password: admin and Login
  • On the very bottom right of the footer click on CA
  • Connectivity menu
  • Expand Details. Check for updates. If there are any available go ahead and install the update then wait for it to install and reboot
  • Connect the other Velop routers to power within a couple of metres of the primary node. Wait for the lights to go solid red/blue
  • Go to the local network tab. Set the SSID and password.
  • Press Add wireless child nodes on the linksys console. The other nodes should begin flashing.
  • Once they finish being configured they will go solid green or blue
  • Go back to firmware update. Check for updates and install updates to update the other nodes. This will take several minutes

Under Internet settings, Set Connection Type to Bridged and save the settings. Wait several minutes for the routers to update the settings

  • Now connect the main node to your switch/wall point.
  • Turn off the power switch on the bottom to the other nodes.
  • Move them to their final locations and connect the ethernet cable then power them on.
  • You can install the linksys app on your mobile device. Connect to the wifi network and follow the prompts to configure the routers in your app.