Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G

Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G

If you need to extend the coverage of your wireless network without cabling between access points you can implement a Wireless Distribution Systems (WDS)

They can be tricky to get working without knowing some specific information. This information is not absolute for every kind of router configuration but it works:

  • Both Routers must support WDS. Check before you buy them.
  • WDS will only work using WEP wireless security (not WPA-PSK)
  • The wireless channel on both routers should be set to 6
  • You require the wireless interface MAC address of both Routers
  • Enable DHCP on the remote router and set the default Gateway and DNS server to the LAN address of the primary router connected to the Internet

In this example the main Billion 7404VGP is connected to the internet and has a LAN IP address of I’ve connected a notebooks to the remote TP-LINK and set the LAN address to i.e in the same subnet as the billion.

From the TP link look up the MAC address of the wireless adapter and note it for insertion in the Billion. From the status page the wireless MAC address in this case is 00 25 86 CB 0B 2A

Connect to the Billion. Set the Channel to 6 and note the AP MAC address of the billion which in this case is 00:19:db:0c:e9:bf

Under the Wireless Distribution System settings enter the MAC address of the remote TP link in the Peer WDS MAC address field

In the wireless security menu set the security mode to WEP, WEP authentication to shared key, WEP encryption you can choose 64 bit or 128bit – I use 64 bit for brevity. Enter a 5 character Key.

Note that the remote router does not use this security information for connecting – it is authenticated by the MAC address entered in the Peer table.

Back on the TP link go to the wireless settings menu. Set the channel to 6, enable bridges and enter the MAC address of the billion noted above. Enable wireless security to WEP, Shared Key and enter a WEP Key.

Configure the DHCP server on the remote TP link with an IP address range which does not clash with the DHCP on the primary billion router.-

10 thoughts on “Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G

  1. Pallab Mahmud

    thanks a ton 😀
    i spent the whole day in google for this. your instructions really helped me a lot. i configured my tplink adsl router [TD-W8950ND] with tplink wireless router [WR340GD].
    really appreciate your post 🙂

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  3. David Marriott

    I am trying to get this working using a billion 7404VNOX and a billion 7401VGPR3, but can’t seem to ping the 7404 (one that is connected to the ADSL). Any suggestions? All my settings are as you have here…

  4. BrendanKing

    Hard to tell without seeing your settings, but I would suggest making sure you have the latest firmware on both. Sometimes bugs in the firmware can cause connectivity problems. Also disable firewalls completely while testing to make sure it is not blocking anything.

  5. David Marriott

    should the two routers have the same SSID? or do they know to link together purely based upon the MAC addresses?

  6. BrendanKing

    I set them on different SSID’s, that way you know which one you are connecting to.

  7. David Marriott

    OK, thanks. That is what I have. Both routers have the latest firmware I can get. It seems that the routers are simply not linking together. They both have each others MAC address listed in the WDS section….Not sure why is isnt working. I have the 7404 (connected to ADSL) with IP and 7401 (connected to LAN) with IP

  8. BrendanKing

    We would have to move to reviewing and troubleshooting all the individual settings, which would be chargeable time. You could also contact Billion to see if you can get free assistance from them.

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