Creating a Contact in Exchange

Creating a Contact in Exchange

Normal users in your Active Directory are only for internal staff. Sometimes it can make sense to put in external contacts that you send mail to regularly. For example suppliers or customers. The advantage of putting a contact in your Active Directory is that you can the put the contact into a Distribution Group!

1. Firstly, open your Active Directory Users & Computers. Find the appropriate Organizational Unit, create a new one if necessary, and right-click and create a New Contact


2. Enter the information for this contact and click Next


3. Now click the modify button and give your new contact and email address. Normally you’ll be wanting to select an SMTP address.


4. Now type in the email address of your contact, click Next then Finish and you’re done!


Remember, a Contact in your Active Directory can be treated just like an internal user. That is, you can email them by name and put them into Distribution Groups (mailing lists). Check our blog for a separate tutorial on creating a Distribution Group.NewContactNewContact