Creating a new Distribution Group in Exchange

Creating a new Distribution Group in Exchange

Mailing lists, called Distribution Groups in Exchange, are an invaluable tool for sending regular messages to groups of people. Here’s a walk-through on creating a Distribution Group, in our example for a Sales Team

1. Open your Active Directory Users and Computers. Select the most relevant Organizational Unit (usually the one for your business). Create a new OU (such as Distribution Groups) if you like.

2. Right-click in the right panel and choose New Group. Give your group a name then select the Distribution radio button and click Next.


3. Now you’ll be prompted to “Create an Exchange e-mail address”. Leave that unchecked and click Next then Finish.

4. Now you’ll see your new Group in the list. Right-click and choose Properties

5. Click the Members tab then click the Add… button.

6. To add an internal user to the group, just type in their name and click the Check Names button. Exchange will search for similar names prompt you if there is any ambiguity.


7. If you want to include a Contact (an external user), click the Object Types button at the top-right. Check the Contacts box and click OK.


8. Once you’ve added users you’ll see their names in the Member list. When you’re finished, just click OK and you’re done. To use the group, just type the name into the To: field of an email.