Cyber criminals botnet blackmail identity theft wardriving 4 corners video

I was watching4 corners last night and thought it worth putting a link on the blog for others to watch the documentary

This documentary covered various methods of cyber criminals

  • Blackmailing through using botnets to take websites offline
  • Identity theft through phishing emails
  • Purchasing credit card details stolen from sites or through fake (or real) webpages selling products
  • Finance job emails which are about getting mules to take out cash from funds transferred to their account and wiring it to other accounts
  • Wireless wardriving to pickup and hack unsecured wireless networks

Ways to prevent theft and protect your systems

  • Run the latest Internet browser software which has built in security features
  • Run up to date anti virus which integrates with your webrowser
  • Use commercial email scanning/anti virus software. I have had a number of clients who have used freeware versions that have become infected.
  • Be conscious and train your staff about not responding to or clicking links on emails from unknown senders
  • Check the address bar of any pages you go to ensure you are on a valid website and if entering your information if it is secure
  • Use a firewall
  • Keep you computers patched and up to date
  • Do not download and install software from the net unless you know exactly what it does
  • Do not use peer to peer file sharing software on your computers
  • Secure your wireless networks
  • Use strong usernames and passwords
  • download and run spybot search and destroy to detect and remove bots from
  • Have a look here for cybercrime statistics