How to export Office 365 mailbox to PST

This will only work with Exchange E2 plans or higher
  • Log into your O365 as Admin using Internet Explorer
  • Click on “Exchange”, then “Compliance Management”
  • Click on “in-place eDiscovery & hold”
  • Click the + sign for a new search
  • Type a unique name for the search and description
  • Select “Specify mailboxes to search” and click the + sign
  • Add whichever mailbox you wish to export
  • In-Place Hold is a premium feature that requires an Exchange Online Plan 2 or Exchange Online Archiving license to enable it for each user mailbox.
  • Click “Next”
  • Determine your filters (if any) and click “Next”
  • Determine your in-place hold settings (if any) and click “Finish”
  • Once it has completed, click “Close”
  • Click on the arrow pointing downward with a line below it
  • This will download the eDiscovery PST Export Tool and offer to select a location to download the PST.
  • I found that the export process can be slow to complete so you have to be patient