How to reduce the size of your outlook mailbox

How to reduce the size of your outlook mailbox

Although some will be more generous than others, most mail systems will impose some kind of restriction on the total size of your mailbox.

If you’re receiving notices that your mailbox is full or nearly full, here are a few pointers that will help you bring down the size.

  • Purge your Deleted Items regularly – As an aside, don’t use your Deleted Items as a just-in-case folder. Avoid tears! If you think you’re going to need an email again, move it to a suitable sub-folder!
  • Don’t use your mailbox as a filing cabinet. If someone sends you an email with an attachment that you need to keep, store it on a network drive and delete the email or at least remove the attachment. To do this right click on the attachment and choose remove attachment from the pop-up list.

remove attachment

  • Delete the junk – That funny pictures email, that funny movie, delete them after you’ve view them! Stashing them in a folder for later viewing just hogs space and your life is too precious to re-watch old funny videos!
  • Clean out your Sent Items. By default, Outlook keeps a copy of everything you send.
  • To easily clear any folder of the big emails, click on the Size column header then scroll to the top. If you are missing the Size column header, right click on any column heading and pick “Field Chooser” from the pop up. Pick the Size column and now you will be able to sort your emails by size. If you don’t see it listed it may be there already and you just need to expand the size of your mailbox view to see all the columns.

 field chooser

  • Now start deleting emails or removing attachments from the largest emails. Be strong! Don’t forget to purge your Delete Items once you’re done.