Installing Mac Leopard OS X on PC hardware

Step 1: Visit your local friendly torrent site and find leo4allv3, leo4all.v3 or leo4all v3
Step 2: download and burn onto dvd
Step 3: Use Intel hardware. SATA for hard drive if you wish, but use IDE for the DVD rom
Step 4: let the leo4all do the rest.
Step 5: there is no step 5

I first started with AMD hardware, and had endless issues (no surprise really, AMD isn’t fully supported by OS X) but the switch to intel hardware went much more smoothly.

The system I used was a D945GNT board, with an off-the-shelf nVidia 7300GT. OS X picked up everything but the sound (still working on why, claims it’s suported) and for the fisrt time ever, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with OS X on fast hardware.

Apple updates worked fine, as did other software updates, so kudos to the crew for their outstanding work.

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