IT Helpdesk support team member required

Company Background & Job Purpose

King computer solutions has been providing personal, small business, government and corporate customers with outsourced IT support since 1997. In the last two years it has grown through acquisition of Tilda Communications and Silverdata IT. It is looking to continue to expand and requires an experienced IT support person/network engineer to provide new hardware and software setup and support for business clients primarily in the Eastern suburbs, Sydney city and the Northern suburbs.

The CEO Brendan needs to spend less time on the tools and more time on strategy and marketing, so we are looking for someone who can take over day to day installations, phone and onsite support.

Duties & Responsibilities

You will mostly be working out of outlook to manage tasks and emails and assign jobs to other engineers and as you work remotely or onsite you will be entering time-sheets into our web based job system to keep a close track of work completed. For ease of management and for working efficiently and productively you are expected to follow the procedures accessible from our intranet, keep your calendar and tasks up to date, respond to all emails or assign them as tasks promptly, have your inbox cleared by the end of each day, and manage and allocate your time productively.

We are continually evolving our systems for efficiency management so someone with experience in help desk setup and optimisation would be a valuable addition to our team.

You will also be looking for opportunities to provide a full range of services to clients and ensure they have everything they need and are well looked after. Keeping your eye out to make sure they have adequate disaster recovery and backups in place, that their virus protection and router fire walls are secure and that they are making the most of technology by being able to synchronise their iphone to their exchange server, or use a VPN to access their files and mailbox from home or when they’re overseas.

You will be readily contactable and dedicated to make sure clients are able to operate and feel the love!

We are looking for someone who is able to hit the ground running rather than be trained up, so only apply if you have the knowledge and skills to take the job on and expect to be able to answer questions which test your technical knowledge and diagnostic skill.

Clients will make contact through our support address or by phone with day to day issues with their windows (primarily), mac (a few key clients) or Linux (only a couple) workstations or servers. Hours are flexible and a part time position is possible if that is what you are after, but most of the action is in the mornings so its desirable you will be in the office at 8:30 or 9am. Through the day you will be helping with clients asking

“Can you help us move to a new office”

“can you quote a new server”

“we need a new website”

“the property department can’t print”

“can you make a change to our website”

“Can you setup a new login and configure their profile”

“My email to Bob is bouncing back”

“I think I have a virus”

“my computer is slow”

“my computer won’t start up, it says insert system disk and press any key”

“I can’t access the web”

You should be able to

  • communicate with clear written and verbal English
  • determine and work at the client’s pace and knowledge level
  • have patience, empathy and good skills in explaining complex issues in a manner that non-technical people can enjoy from receptionists to managing directors
  • handle calls and challenges calmly and methodically
  • talk a client through configuring their software settings
  • remotely access their server or workstation to assist
  • diagnose and find solutions to speed, email, software or hardware problems
  • put together solutions in our IT quoting system which pulls together all our supplier products and lets you select and insert them in a quotes.
  • Remove viruses or recognise when it is best to back up the data and rebuild the system
  • Think of what the clients wants to do when they sit down at the computer. Do everything necessary to make it an easy experience rather than having them work how to configure their outlook or load printer drivers.

When you begin work we should be able to send you onsite where you will present yourself as a professional and be able to do tasks like

  • set up a new user in active directory or mac server workgroup manager
  • add them to the right security and distribution groups
  • configure and test folder permissions
  • join the computer to the domain
  • Install anti virus software and download updates
  • configure their outlook for exchange/imap/pop/gmail and set their signature
  • map drives
  • load printers
  • set their internet home page

For projects you may be required to do things like

  • Optimise hard drive configuration for speed and redundancy using RAID 0,1,5 or 10
  • partition and format load and configure from scratch an SBS 2008 server
  • install a new router, configure ADSL login settings, wireless security, port forwards and firewall blocks
  • Crimp Cat5e cables
  • install server onsite, join 10 computers to the domain and migrate their data
  • Create login scripts for mapping drives and printers
  • Configure group policies for mapping my documents and configuring default IE settings
  • setup public folders and mail enable them
  • Configure email archiving
  • Setup multiple recipient domains in Exchange system manager
  • Create distribution groups and add members
  • Create an IIS website, configure the header and FTP access
  • Install an SSL certificate for secure remote access
  • Install and configure Acronis, Shadowprotect or Window backup for disaster recovery
  • Configure backup software or manually edit backup scripts
  • Audit and document a network using network audit software and Visio
  • Document user setup, backup and maintenance procedures

There will also be proactive scheduled maintenance to complete for a number of clients.


To do this we expect you will have experience of

  • 5+ years in the IT industry
  • Windows, Macintosh and Linux server and workstation systems and applications
  • various brands of routers, ideally including Cisco
  • installing and troubleshooting computer hardware including Workstations, Servers and Routers
  • backup Solutions and Antivirus applications like Sophos, Symantec, McAfee, Trend
  • driving around Sydney with a valid licence with very few or no Demerits.
  • being self motivated and reliable
  • being methodical, organised and able to follow procedures
  • working independently
  • finding and use external support when needed

Education, Qualifications and opportunities for training and development

Industry recognised qualifications such as CCNA, MCSA, MCSE and A+ are well considered. The IT industry involves continual learning with everything is revolutionised every few years. We promote your continual learning and the package will seek to meet your personal educational goals through access to a range of training materials in house and payment or time off towards

  • study
  • technical and personal improvement seminars
  • training courses
  • examinations

The Salary package and rewards

  • A long term position in a growing company
  • a stable long term business that pays its bills on time
  • Variety of onsite and remote work
  • Work with over 150 businesses in a variety of industries throughout Sydney
  • regular settlement of business expenses
  • Meet lots of lovely and interesting people
  • Remuneration commensurate with experience and your effort
  • A pleasant air conditioned office, close to local shops
  • A business owner who is also a technician and cares about his team
  • IT budget for you to purchase gadgets you want
  • Variety of challenging projects
  • $60,000+ package based on your skills and productivity
  • Get paid for all overtime
  • 20% of profit commissions on new sales from your initiative
  • Study time
  • Exam payments
  • Training materials – books, cd’s, software
  • Training course contributions
  • Superannuation
  • Use of company vehicle for onsite jobs

If you feel you’re the right person for this role, please download and complete our Skillsmatrix then email that along with your resume and a covering letter to No applications will be reviewed without an attached skillsmatix spreadsheet.

  • We are not able to assist with relocation or visas. Sydney residents (preferably North Shore) with work permits
  • No agencies

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