Brendan King’s instant advice of BIOS setting gets Windows XP running

Mal York is the Assistant Minister at Shellharbour City Centre Anglican Church said

“ Windows Vista was too annoying and I wanted to load XP on my new Toshiba laptop. I spent hours trying to get it to load. I searched internet forums for answers for why XP would crash when it was trying to install, and other people who had come across the same problem had no solution. I like to try and do things myself but when I could see no solution and was getting nowhere, I called Brendan as I should have done in the first place!

He has always been able to solve my IT networking and computer problems so quickly its amazing! He’s previously sorted out wireless networking issues for me and has supplied our computer systems and software.

I spent just 2 minutes on the phone describing what I was trying to do. He instantly told me “Go into the bios and switch the SATA setting to compatibility mode.” I did that and then I could load XP!

Brendan is totally awesome. He knows so much and always has the answer. He’s a complete legend!”