Configure Aussiebroadband in bridged mode

These instructions let you run a router behind a bridged modem, where that router can use MAC address cloning for immediate connection. These instructions work with a TP-link W9770 or similiar VDSL modem in bridged mode and a Cyberoam router behind the modem. Initially set the modem to DHCP for the internet connection and get.

Australian Government and businesses hit by massive cyber attack from ‘sophisticated, state-based actor’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australian organisations, including governments and businesses, are currently the targets of sustained attacks by a sophisticated foreign “state-based” hacker. Checking my wordfence website firewall I’m currently seeing a lot of blocks due to hacking attempts from Russian and Indian IPs.  

IT Security checklist

IT Security is an ever increasing challenge. Here is a list of security considerations and what to implement to improve the protection of your organisation and IT resources. Have the conversation – talk to your IT provider about how your security can be enhanced, or call King computer solutions on 1300 54 64 74 to.

Installing auskey browser extensions for chrome, firefox or internet explorer and moving your auskey

Prepare you browser to run auskey then copy the folder from the old computer to the new one using the instructions below. Install and enable the auskey plugin if using Chrome For Chrome and Firefox Browser Extension go to Download AUSkey installer using One you have installed the extension it needs to be enabled. In.

SIP trunk setup guide for asterisk

Log into FreePBX. Click the Setup link at the top of the page, then “Trunks”, to the left of the page. Click “Add SIP Trunk” Scroll down to “Outgoing Settings”. Type King SIP into “Trunk Name” Enter the following into PEER Details (add fromuser=EXTN if you have multiple SIP trunks on the same Asterisk box):.

MYOB does not see network drives

When attempting to open a .MYO file from within MYOB premiere, mapped network drives do not appear in the list.   To work around this problem, configure the EnableLinkedConnections registry value. To configure the EnableLinkedConnections registry value Click Start, type regedit in the Start programs and files box, and then press ENTER. Locate and then.

MYOB accountright fatal error 1603 during install

If you are running on a remote desktop terminal server during install of MYOB Accountright 2019 or other versions the installer stays indefinetly on a message Please wait while the application is preparing for first use After Cancel Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation appears To resolve this issue Disable RDS Compatibility on the App.

Cyberoam stops access to AWS cloudfront hosted sites

Some clients using Cyberoam firewalls have reported problems with being unable to access particular secure websites which are hosted on Amazon Web Services cloudfront. One example is This is because the AWS servers have started including a new Cipher which is currently not supported by Cyberoam Web Proxy. On checking the Cipher suite for.