Resize shadow protect image to fit on a smaller destination drive

In the Recovery Environment:
1. Boot the latest Recovery CD into the Recovery Environment as of the 4.1.x either environment will work.
2. Mount the image you wish to restore as writable. (This is also called Exploring the Backupi) You will find the Explore Backup option in the left hand menu under Tasks. To mount an image as writable uncheck the read only box.
3.Go to the Dismount Backup Image also under Tasks and dismount the volume, as you do so, you will see an option to shrink the volume. Select this box and the software will shrink the partition as much as possible.

On a machine booted into the Operating System:
1. Right click on the last image in the image chain and select the “Mount” option.
2. Step through the wizard until the option to assign a drive. On this screen select the “Allow writes” option at the bottom.
3. Finish stepping through the wizard and it will create a new drive.
4. From windows explorer select the newly mounted drive. Right click and select “Dismount” (quick dismount will not give the option to shrink.
5. Step through the wizard and select the “Save changes to incremental file” option then next and finish. (If the option to shrink is grayed out, then the image was not mounted as writable and would need to be mounted again.

A new incremental backup file will be created, this file with have the smaller partition information and should be used restored to the smaller drive.

Note: The image shrinking process still may not be able to shrink the image to a size that can be restored but does in the majority of cases.


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