Scot Dench ordering scam

In the last couple of days we received a request for a quote and order of 80 HP ink cartridges shown at the bottom of this email.

We requested a contact phone number and address for the quote. A phone number of 0881256701 and address 45 Eric Fenning Drive, Surf Beach NSW 2536 was provided for the contact details.

The phone number being 08 does not match a NSW address, and there was a reference to having the cartridges shipped to Matraville, but no full address given and being informed we would be told the address once payment cleared.

Calling the phone number a fax machine answers, so it was no real phone number at all.

The request, vagueness of shipping address and phone number not matching the state of the delivery address or smelt fishy.

After wasting some time trying to contact the Federal police and then scam watch I called Visa and quoted the credit card numbers provided.

They then gave US number for the supplier of the credit cards, and I looked up the number and found them to be provided by I then called them and quoted the numbers and the names for the cards provided. They said the name did not match the card numbers and they would advise the owners of the cards of the attempted use of their cards.

No one was going to take any action to actually catch this scammer. Hopefully if “Scot Dench” contacts you, you will find this and know that the attempted purchase is a scam.


Hello Brendan


Find below payment details

for  Invoice #00209239  with shipping cost :


(1)Name On Card  :Scott



Number   :414780856578****

Exp Date      :07 / 2014

Security Code :***


(2)Name On Card  :Mr Dench

Card Number   :4147 8085 6578 ****

Exp Date

:07 / 2014

Security Code



Split the total cost

onto the above specified credit cards.


Process the payment now and confirm



45 Eric

Fenning Drive,

Surf Beach NSW 2536





Please quote  your  price and availability  for the supply of the following under listed  items:



(a)HP INKJET CARTRIDGE # C9352A                   40PCS


(b)HP INKJET CARTRIDGE # C6578D                    80PCS


Please indicate the prices,availability  and the forms of payments acceptable.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon


Best Regard,



45 Eric Fenning Drive,

Surf Beach NSW 2536