How to reduce the size of your outlook mailbox

Although some will be more generous than others, most mail systems will impose some kind of restriction on the total size of your mailbox. If you’re receiving notices that your mailbox is full or nearly full, here are a few pointers that will help you bring down the size. Purge your Deleted Items regularly –.

Setting Up Your E-mail in Microsoft Outlook

This shows step-by-step guide on setting up an email in Microsoft Outlook 2003. Note: Most of these settings are similar in other versions of Microsoft Outlook. You can set up previous versions of Microsoft Outlook by using the settings in this step-by-step guide. In Microsoft Outlook, select Tools > E-mail Accounts. On the E-mail Accounts.

Setting up outlook notification options in Outlook 2000

Receiving Visual or Audio Notification When New Messages Arrive You can change how Outlook notifies you when new messages arrive. Outlook can notify you by displaying a text message, playing a sound, or changing the appearance of your mouse pointer. Step Mouse actions Keyboard actions 1 On the Tools menu: Select Options. Display the Tools.

Enabling Out of Office responses in Microsoft Outlook 2007

This user document explains how to enable Out of Office responses in Microsoft Outlook. It is only relevant to people using Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange server. System administrators should read our post on Enabling Out of Office responses in Microsoft Exchange. 1. When looking at your inbox, click on the Tools menu 2. Choose.