Manually removing Sophos puremessage when it will not uninstall

Here are the steps: 1. Stop Internet Information Services: Stop the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service (this will prevent mail from being allowed through while PureMessage is offline) Stop the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service Stop the Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks service 2. Stop and disable the PureMessage related services: Sophos PureMessage Sophos PureMessage.

Stopping Phishing using Sophos Pure Message

1. Ensure the PureMessage tagging are enabled Open PureMessage Configuration Transport SMTP scanning policy AntiSpam Configure subject tags and X-headers Then enable all X-header tagging. 2. Ensure the sender address or domain is not listed in Allowed Senders’s list Open PureMessage Configuration Transport SMTP scanning policy AntiSpam Select Allow specific sender Once you have verified.

Sophos Anti-Virus: how to configure update settings on a single computer

This article describes how to configure the update settings for a single computer. This is typically one that has had Sophos Anti-Virus installed by the standalone installer. You can configure the update settings locally or centrally. Note: If the computer is managed centrally, you cannot alter the configuration locally. All options will be greyed out.