Brilliant Windows packet sniffer software to identify network conditions and heavy network traffic usage

After searching and trying a number of packet sniffers to determine the source of heavy traffic usage, I found this the easiest to install and use by a long way. Its reporting is excellent and it makes it easy to see the source ip generating a lot of traffic.

Help and Support Service not installed on Windows 2003 Server.

When you try and use Remote support or access Help and support, you will get an error message saying that “Help and Support” service is not installed. To Resolve this issue, do the following: Go to the C:\Windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries folder to verify if the HelpSvc.exe file is missing. If the file exists in the folder, I.

Windows Service Pack 3 freezes when you get to “Running Processes After Install”.

When you are installing Service Pack 3, you might encounter a problem where the installation freezes when you get to “Running Processes After Install”. When that happens Open up task manager (pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del) click on the process tab and select the process “shmgrate.exe”, this process for some reason stops the Service Pack 3 from completing.