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VOIP to VOIP Telephone can help your Business

What is VOIP?
VOIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ sometimes shortened to ‘Voice over IP’ but usually just VOIP. Rather than using a traditional telephone system VOIP acts as an internet phone. Phone calls are made via the internet provider connections.

VOIP in Australia has made dramatic improvements in call quality. VOIP to VOIP as well as VOIP to traditional telephone numbers makes good business sense. VOIP internet calls can effectively be free.

Why use a VOIP Internet Phone for Business?

The main reasons businesses in Australia choose VOIP are:

  • lower outbound telephone call costs
  • easier to integrate remote workers into an internal office telephone system. VOIP helps external workers act as part of the office
  • make VOIP telephone calls via computer directly from your email contacts. This saves you time and can reduces RSI
  • complete flexibility in the location of your business
  • statistical analysis of phone numbers – who calls and for how long
  • free VOIP calls between branch offices
  • telephone video – VOIP to VOIP is great for conference calls or presentations
  • wireless VOIP – allows staff greater flexibility in where they take telephone calls

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IP Phones and VOIP Providers Australia

King Computer Solutions Sydney can arrange mobile connections, landline, Internet and VOIP accounts on your behalf. VOIP providers, VOIP Services, ip phones and wifi phones in Australia all vary in quality. Poor quality free VOIP calls can cost you more than they save. King can source the most appropriate ip phone or wifi phone network for your particular business situation.

Talk to the VOIP to VOIP call Experts

Internet calls and wireless VOIP (wifi VOIP) have both advantages and disadvantages. Save yourself time, money and frustration. Talk to King Computer Solutions Sydney for a practical and cost effective VOIP solution for your business.