Tips for the Patton SmartNode 4112

We bought a Patton SmartNode 4112 FXO gateway. This nifty device takes 2 standard phone lines and connects them to your SIP server (be it Asterisk, 3CX or whatever). We’re connecting it to a 3CX Digital PBX and it works a treat. Here are some tips I picked up from working with it:

1. Never hold the reset button down when you plug in the power. This puts it into a special “bootloader mode” which you don’t want to do.

2. When resetting the unit to factory defaults or importing a new config file, do NOT save the configuration! The unit has already saved it and if you hit the Save button you’ll overwrite those settings with the current (incorrect) settings.

3. I found that even after I’d loaded the config file generated by 3CX, it still didn’t work. Looking at the FXO port setup, I found both were set to disabled. Once enabled they showed up as Registered in 3CX.

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