Using shared calendars in Outlook 2003

If you have an Exchange server and you’re not using Shared Calendars, you’re missing out on a very useful tool! The following instructions help you add new calendars so you can see at a glance what everyone in your team is doing.

1. Open outlook, switch to Calendar mode, as shown below.

Switching Outlook to Calendar mode
Switching Outlook to Calendar mode

2. Once in Calendar mode, click the Open a Shared Calendar button. You will be prompted to specify the name of the person whose calendar you wish to add.


3. After clicking OK, you’ll find that the new calendar has been added on the left where you can pick and choose which ones you want to view. The calendars themselves will then appear in the main window on the right.


4. Once you’re done looking at calendars, click on the Email or Folders button at the bottom-left to return to your familiar view.

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