Using videos to increase traffic to your website Mike Koenigs

I’m on the Gold Coast at the moment listing to Mike Koenigs about using video to generate website traffic. Google highly ranks videos based on their name so creating videos

Here’s some ideas

  • Review a product and create a video – upload to youtube and google video.
  • Create a 1 page site which the video links to with content rich keywords and the video embedded on the page
  • Contact the maker of the product, or sellers of the product and sell advertising on your site for a regular monthly amount.

Make a series of short 1-3 minute videos answering your 10 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • End repitive selling
  • Get Targeeted traffic
  • Make your sales process automatic, efficient and profitable
  • Save time and money

Make a series of short 1-3 minute videos of SAQs (Should Ask question)

At the end of each video tell them where to go – “to get more here”. Sign up to get all 20 videos

  • Create a series of videos with more information.
  • Sign up to get all 20 videos
  • Thank you for signing up
  • You can sign up to buy my stuff, get a consultation here…

A good offer can get a 20-30% response rate.

If you search for King computer solutions in google you will see on the front page a couple of videos and testimonials that come up on the front page showing how effective it is to get yourself on the frontpage through use of video.

For more information on Mike go here

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