VMWARE virtual server under Windows 2008 loses network connection and shows disconnected

Running Window 2008 R2 server and VMWARE v2 with 3 virtual machines, we frequently find that after a restart, or loss and regain of network connectivity to the server that the virtual machines can no longer be contacted over the network.

pening the VMWare infrastructure web access and the console for that particular machine shows no connection on the network interface on the bottom right

From the console the machine itself can ping its own IP address, but cannot ping any other address on the network.

In the hardware section of the summary the network adapter as a Red Cross

In order to restore the network connection shut down the virtual machine, remove the network adapter

Add hardware

Choose network adapter, next and finish. Restart the virtual machine and the network adapter shows is connected again.

This primarily seems to happen with the linux centos virtual machine, but also intermittently occurs with the Windows 2003 virtual machines.

I found another solution of restarting the NAT service, but this did not work from me and others reported that it only works temporarily

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