WordPress uploads not accessible on iis 7-7.5

We were getting a problem with images that were getting uploaded in wordpress. The image would upload correctly but when you tried to browse the file you would get an error saying that permission is denied.

If you went to the image on the server directly it was not accessible without changing permissions. After pulling our hair out for several days I found that the permissions were coming from the windows temp directory as we had not set a temp location in php so it was using the system default.

To change the php directory follow the steps below:

1. Open php.ini

2. Locate the line upload_tmp_dir and remove the semi colon to make the line active. Enter the path to the tmp folder that you would like all the uploaded files to and then save php.ini

3. Create the folder and set the appropriate permissions on the folder

4. Test a file upload and confirm that you can both view the file and also the permissions are set correctly.

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