Configure Aussiebroadband in bridged mode

These instructions let you run a router behind a bridged modem, where that router can use MAC address cloning for immediate connection. These instructions work with a TP-link W9770 or similiar VDSL modem in bridged mode and a Cyberoam router behind the modem.

  • Initially set the modem to DHCP for the internet connection and get it connected. The default LAN IP will be and DHCP will allocate Go to Advanced tab and note the internet settings which will be something like:

WAN Interface Name: ipoe_ptm_0_0_d
MAC Address: B0:95:67:25:3C:68
IP Address: 180.150.xx.xx
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: 180.150.xx.xx
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Connection Type: Dynamic IP

  • Copy MAC address of the internet connection. Aussiebroadband will assign the DHCP address to that MAC address and the lease stays for 1800 seconds = 30 minutes.
  • Now in the TP link go through the Quick setup and Set the Internet connection type to Bridge
  • In advanced -> Network -> LAN settings check off DHCP enable so it is not handing out a LAN IP to your router behind the modem
  • On your router behind the modem set the IP assignment to Dynamic/DHCP
  • Override Default MAC Address and set it to the MAC address of the modem above.
  • Give it a few minutes and it should pickup the Public IP allocated by Aussiebroadband
  • If you cannot clone the MAC address in your router, waiting 30 minutes or contacting Aussiebroadband to reset the connection should allow you to get the public IP on your router with its own WAN MAC address