Office 365 Outlook autodiscover returns an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available running cpanel website

Even if you add the CNAME entry to your dns, when you go to add your office 365 mailbox to outlook, it takes a long time to respond and finally returns An encrypted connection to your mail server IS not available. Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection. When Outlook tries to.

Multiple Australian organisations have been impacted by Conti ransomware in November and December 2021

The ACSC is aware of multiple instances of Australian organisations that have been impacted by Conti ransomware in November and December 2021. This activity has happened across multiple sectors. Victims have received demands for ransom payments. In addition to the encryption of data and subsequent impact to organisations’ ability to operate as usual, victims have.

Delete all windows credentials from credential manager

If you have built up a list of Windows credentials that you want to clear all at once, instead of having to remove them one by one try this command: cmdkey /list | ForEach-Object {if ($_ -like “Target:“) {cmdkey /del:($_ -replace ‘^.+=’, ”)}}

Configure 3CX softphone to pickup shared parked calls

One limitation of the 3CX softphone is it has no BLF for Shared park, and you cannot dial SP1, SP2 etc. to pickup shared park calls. In order to create a shared park extension that the iphone or android client can dial to pickup shared park calls do the following: Add an extension, ideally one.

How to Enable cloudflare SSL and fix broken wordpress site

To enable Cloudflare to provide a front end SSL certificate for your WordPress website, under the DNS table make sure the Proxy status is enabled for the website address  When you go to https://mysitename you will find the WordPress website is broken and not displaying correctly Install Cloudflare Flexible SSL WordPress Plugin to fix.


How to setup CH Products flight sim yoke with Microsoft flight simulator 2020

Flight simulator 2020 automatically detects and loads a profile for the Logitech/Saitek Pro flight sim yoke and pedals. You can see the setup I built for a client here However if using a CH products flight sim yoke you have to configure the profile for all the inputs manually. Here are the steps to.