Configure Cyberoam with Telstra wireless USB

This setup was done using a Telstra Aircard 880U USB modem

Enable the WWAN interface

SSH to the cyberoam and run 4. Console then type the command cybgeroam wwan enable

enable wwan on cyberoam





Reboot the cyberoam and under the network tab you will now see Wireless WAN

See for information on enabling the Wireless WAN port

Under the settings tab configure the settings shown

Serial Interface: Serial 3

Phone Number: *99#

APN: telstra.internet

Initialization string:

AT+ZCDRUN=8 – this disables USB storage on ZTE/Qualcomm devices

ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 & D2


Set the gateway name TelstraMobile  or whatever your preference is

Press apply and OK to save the settings.

If you get the message on the status bar Not able to detect the current device as modem try changing the modem port  another Serial # until it shows Configuration saved successfully.

Cyberoam wwan settings for telstra internet


























Now go to the status page and confirm it shows connected

cyberoam wwan status











Note that Telsra mobile work on a private network range which does not allow inbound port access.

You can contact Telstra and request to get a public IP added on your mobile on 125111. They will add codes onto your mobile account then you have to call 1800467889, speak to the extranet service section, choose mobile  and ask them to assign the public IP.

If there is inbound port blocking on 25 and you want to run a mail server off the mobile you can use a no-ip or similar dynamic IP service to provide a fixed DNS name and external email service like which will allow collection of email then forwarding of that mail to an alternate port.