Network Security Policy

King Computer takes security very seriously and has therefore taken every precaution to secure our clients information.

King Recommends the server to be located in a security-controlled building providing physical security to the server. King also recommends Data backups and Acronis Images of the Sever Operating system to be copied onto a backup drive daily and an online backup of the data to be placed as an offsite backup to protect data against the possibility of fire or theft. The data on the backup drive is encrypted and protected by username and password authentication.

The backups contain multiple versions of each file change enabling restoration of data for up to 21 versions.

Where notebooks are using the wireless network, King uses WPA-PSK to encrypt wireless sessions and prevent users in the area being able to connect to the clients wireless networks or sniff wireless traffic.

Access to the clients networks and servers over the local network is secured using user name and password using NTLM authentication with the server. Furthermore once a user logs in that users access to data on folder is restricted to only the relevant areas that they have specifically been assigned permission for.

If a staff member is to leave an organisation, King Recommends that their passwords are immediately changed, the data archived and the account then deleted to prevent any further access.

Remote access to the server over the Internet is through a secure and encrypted virtual private network tunnel, so no data or documents being transferred over the Internet can be sniffed.