How to setup CH Products flight sim yoke with Microsoft flight simulator 2020


How to setup CH Products flight sim yoke with Microsoft flight simulator 2020

Flight simulator 2020 automatically detects and loads a profile for the Logitech/Saitek Pro flight sim yoke and pedals. You can see the setup I built for a client here

However if using a CH products flight sim yoke you have to configure the profile for all the inputs manually.


Here are the steps to setup the CH Products Yoke in Flight simulator 2020:

  • Go to options
  • Controls
  • CH Flight Sim Yoke
  • Filter
  • All
  • Flight control Surfaces
  • Primary control Surfaces
  • Ailerons Axis
  • Scan input and turn the yoke to detect, or select Input Joystick L-Axis – X
  • Validate
  • Search and set Elevator axis = Joystick L-Axis-Y
  • Throttle 1 Axis (0 to 100%) = Joystick R-Axis-Z
  • For Throttle check on REVERSE AXIS and confirm the throttle moving from bottom to top moves the slider from left to right
  • For multi engine planes set Throttle 2, 3 and 4 axis to Joystick R-Axis Z also. This balances the throttle for all engines. You will get a warning when setting them This is already used somewhere else. Do you want to bind it anyway? Press Validate to save teh setting.
  • Propeller Axis = Joystick L-Axis Y. Check on REVERSE AXIS
  • Mixture 1 Axis (0 to 100%) = Joystick R-Axis X. Check on REVERSE AXIS

Here is the button Number mapping I use, as I like to be able to easily move between internal and external views and to focus and move easily between the instruments:

Button Number mapping…
1 left trigger button = Cockpit/external view mode toggle
2 right trigger button = Toggle Cockpit Focus mode
3 left horizontal bar left = Previous Instruments view or use for Ailerons
4 left horizontal bar right = Next Instruments view or use for Ailerons
5 left panel switch up = Toggle landing gear
6 left panel switch down = Toggle park brake
7 right panel switch up = Decrease flaps (flaps up)
8 right panel switch down = Increase flaps (flaps down)
9 left upper button = Map
10 left lower button = Display navlog
11 left horizontal bar = Elevator trim down (nose down)
12 left horizontal bar = Elevator trim up (nose up)
POV left = Cockpit look left
POV right = Cockpit look right
POV Down = Cockpit look up
POV Up = Cockpit look down

External view
POV left = External view look left
POV right = External view look right
POV Down = External view up
POV Up = External view down

Press Apply and Save to save the settings

All the best with your flying!