7 tips to improve your website rankings

For a new website you should make the site search engine friendly. This means having lots of text based content that can be easily navigated by a robot as well as a human.

Here are 7 tips for a website design:

  1. Make your URL’s keyword rich e.g. www.mywebsite.com.au/product/productname
  2. Ensure the content of your web pages and navigation is text and not an image. Web crawlers cannot index images.
  3. Ensure your images have ALT Tags. This is a text description of the image that a search engine can index.
  4. Ensure a sitemap is included and linked from your homepage. This enables search engines to navigate your whole site. XML sitemaps are also a great way to inform search engines of all of your web pages.
  5. Avoid frames on your pages. Search engine crawlers have trouble indexing these and hence you may miss out on having the content in the search.
  6. Avoid too much flash in websites. Search engines cannot categorize the flash content.
  7. If your website uses a content management system, make sure you have access to altering the Title and Meta Tags, as well as adding text on the web page itself. Many CMS systems don’t even allow these features which can help with the ranking of your website.

By having as many of the above features readily available, it will ensure that you have built a solid foundation which can allow an SEO company to optimize your website for much better results.