Wireless LAN and Internet Access Solutions

Wi-fi can set your Office Computer LAN Network Free

Wireless networks can free yourself and your computer from that tangle of wires underneath your desk.
Using a wireless router properly installed wireless LAN network technology enables you and your staff to:

  • connect remote buildings LAN networks and phone systems into a single homogenous wifi computer network
  • provide wifi hot-desking for office workers
  • save on installation of computer network infrastructure by avoiding expensive cables
  • avoid difficult or impossible to cable office situations
  • complete wifi roaming access to your office computer files and e-mail

VOIP & Wireless Network Combined

With a VOIP soft phone on your computer and a wireless router connection, you can connect to the office phone system as if you are in the office – no matter where you are.

Combining a wireless network with VOIP gives you:

  • Freedom and flexibility in where and when you work
  • Access to live computer data enabling better decision-making
  • Enterprise information available at client sites
  • Mobile devices that work in a familiar way, anywhere and at anytime
  • Increased sales from more, and better informed, customer meetings
  • Reduced TCO as familiar costs, such as cabling and office space, are dramatically reduced
  • Increased ROI as business processes improve and efficiencies are rapidly made as productivity rises
  • Improved customer satisfaction from immediate information availability and better decision-making
  • Competitive advantage in responding to customer’s requirements without being restricted by geography or time
  • Peace of mind as security solutions resolve enterprise concerns

Practical Wi-fi Solutions for Sydney Businesses

King Computer Solutions provide:

  • Recommendations for WiFi implementation
  • Standardised Intel Centrino architecture and Windows XP
  • Wi-Fi policies for mobile users
  • Secure architecture for VPN technology & Firewalls on clients
  • WiFi training for your staff

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Wifi makes good business sense. Don’t let your existing LAN slow you down. Call or email King Computer Sydney today for expert advice for making your business wireless.