Hard disk failure rates and the importance of backups

About hard disks Anyone who’s been in the IT industry long enough knows hard drive fail. A typical hard disk drive consists of a motor, spindle, platters, read/write heads, actuator and electronics It has one or more platters – or disks – and each platter usually has a head on each of its sides. These.

Shadowprotect bare metal restore virtual to physical

The Best Practices Guide covers the methodology to adhere to when performing a Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) or a restore of any volume for that matter. HIR is the process of recovering a system from one set of hardware to another set of hardware, or to a virtual environment. You can perform a HIR to.

High profile data centre and computer service outages in 2010

Here’s an interesting article showing the importance of having adequate surge protection and uninterruptable power supplies – along with sufficient onsite and offsite backups. To this for Australian major outages we would have to add the NAB debarcle in November,nab-it-outage-cuts-payments.aspx And CBA in August,commbank-blames-outage-on-security-update.aspx For power protection we always recommend to clients.

Free utility to restore overwritten or deleted partition table testdisk

This one is a keeper I accidentally tried to install Ubuntu over my 500gb data disk. It deleted the NFTS partition then wrote its own ext4 file systems to the disk. Fortunately it died with an error then I realised my mistake. The lovely folk over at expert sexchange referred me to this tool..