Club Telco settings in Elastix

Under trunks configure the following: Outbound Caller ID: This is your national dial in number PEER Details: type=friend disallow=all allow=alaw host=sip.clubtelco.com username=09xxxxxx fromuser=09xxxxxx authuser=09xxxxxx secret=Password port=5060 maxexpirey=240 defaultexpirey=240 outboundproxy=sip.clubtelco.com fromdomain=sip.clubtelco.com context=from-trunk qualify=yes insecure=invite canreinvite=no Register String: 09XXXXXX:Password@sip.clubtelco.com/09XXXXXX Note: I didn’t have to enter anything under the user details section. Elastix version is 1.6-12 and freepbx.

DTMF tones not working on sip trunk

We normally use ivox as our voip provider where it automatically relays dtmf tones over the trunk. We now use a variety of providers where they all don’t automatically support dtmf. To get it working you need to add the following to your outbound trunk settings.   dtmfmode=inband Basically this adds the dtmf tones to.

Outbound dial pattern in asterisk for USA numbers from Australia using Anveo

I setup a US number with anveo $2.49 setup and $1.49 per month for a DID. Online chat support was helpful and they have a comprehensive call routing system including being able to accept faxes on the DID, setup voicemail etc. Call quality is good from Australia to US numbers. Incoming calls worked fine on.