Configure 3CX softphone to pickup shared parked calls

One limitation of the 3CX softphone is it has no BLF for Shared park, and you cannot dial SP1, SP2 etc. to pickup shared park calls. In order to create a shared park extension that the iphone or android client can dial to pickup shared park calls do the following: Add an extension, ideally one.

Club Telco settings in Elastix

Under trunks configure the following: Outbound Caller ID: This is your national dial in number PEER Details: type=friend disallow=all allow=alaw host=sip.clubtelco.com username=09xxxxxx fromuser=09xxxxxx authuser=09xxxxxx secret=Password port=5060 maxexpirey=240 defaultexpirey=240 outboundproxy=sip.clubtelco.com fromdomain=sip.clubtelco.com context=from-trunk qualify=yes insecure=invite canreinvite=no Register String: 09XXXXXX:Password@sip.clubtelco.com/09XXXXXX Note: I didn’t have to enter anything under the user details section. Elastix version is 1.6-12 and freepbx.

DTMF tones not working on sip trunk

We normally use ivox as our voip provider where it automatically relays dtmf tones over the trunk. We now use a variety of providers where they all don’t automatically support dtmf. To get it working you need to add the following to your outbound trunk settings.   dtmfmode=inband Basically this adds the dtmf tones to.

Location of where voicemail messages are stored in asterisk voip system

By default, Asterisk will store voice messages in the spool folder, at /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/<context>/<mailbox> You many note there are .WAV and .wav files of the same name e.g. unavail.wav and unavail.WAV with the .WAV file being larger – about 10 times the size. These are different quality of recordings. Here