Remote desktop from PC to Apple Mac using VNC viewer

Often we want to provide support to Mac systems from our PCs. Macs have the capability to allow VNC access to the screens. The steps below show you how to enable VNC viewer on the Mac. A free VNC viewer for PC can be downloaded from

To enable VNC on the Mac go to System Preferences, Sharing

mac system preferences

Check on to Enable Apple Remote Desktop, then click access privileges

enable apple remote desktop

Check on to enable VNC viewers to control screen and set a secure password.

enable vnc viewers to control screen

Note that to access the Mac directly from across the web through a firewall, you will need to forward port 5900 to the internal IP of the Mac.

Otherwise if you are using a VPN to connect to the network the Mac is on, you will be able to enter the LAN IP of the mac in the VNC viewer.

Ultra VNC viewer

We have cam across an excellent link that gives you all the platforms and how you can connect to a mac on them. Click the link below and follow the table to see how you can easily connect to a mac remotely.

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