Terminal server Remote Desktop Pros and cons

Running a terminal server significantly lowers the overall upfront and on-going Management costs. We have been implementing terminal servers for clients for over a decade and many are still using the original thin clients we installed back then, though with upgraded servers!

The way Remote Desktop sessions were used by sending changes in graphics. All the processing is done on the server. Below I have listed benefits and things to be aware of with a remote desktop solution


  • High performance. Users have the benefit of working on a server with higher performance than they would have on a standard desktop system. Upgrading the server means all users get access to the upgraded performance without having to upgrade their local thin client.
  • Reliable. Thin clients have no hard drives or moving parts. They have no operating systems and require little configuration. As a result they are far more robust than a standard desktop and less likely to have a hardware failure.
  • Power saving. Thin clients draw under 10 watts of power

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